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Sea Pig The Unusual Sea Creature

Sea Pig
Sea Pig The Unusual Sea Creature

Scientific name of Sea Pig is Scotoplanes. It is a species of holothurians echinoderm.

The members of this family have tube like feet which looks similar to legs. Sea Pigs use these feet for locomotion. The sea pigs got its name from its upper body which looks chubby like a pig and its tiny feet which are also similar to pigs. They are 6 inches long. There are total three known species of sea pigs.

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Sea pigs live in Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Some species of sea pigs live in Antarctic Ocean. This creature lives in deep sea usually at the bottom of the ocean.

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They mostly feed on organic materials in sea mud. It prefers food which has came from the upper part of the ocean like the remains of dead animals which sinks to the bottom of the ocean. It also feed on animals which have died in sea bottom.

The sea pig prefers fresh food which have sunken from the upper parts of the sea. The Sea Pig uses its sense of smell to find food in the bottom of the ocean.

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The Sea pigs live individually or may be seen in group of up to 300 to 600 individuals. They can also be host to various sea creatures. Some of the invertebrates like snails and some crustaceans are parasitic to sea pigs.

Sea pigs are one of the major sources of food for deep sea predators. Sea trawling can kill up to 300 Scoptoplanes at a time which can cause imbalance in deep sea.

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