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You must see this awesome Jellyfish Lake

jellyfish lake
You must see this awesome Jellyfish Lake

This beautiful looking Jellyfish Lake is located in Eil Malk, Rock Islands, Palau. The lake is known for its Jellyfish population.

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The lake is located in Eil Malk, Rock Islands, Palau it is connected to the ocean through tunnel in the reed. The lake is 460 m in length, 160 m in width and 30 m in depth. Jellyfish lake has high number of Jellyfish population.

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The water of lake is divided into two layers the top layer consists of oxygenated water which is of up to 15 meters deep. And the bottom layer consists of sulfur bacteria with a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide which is toxic and can be absorbed through skin which may be fatal.

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There are two main species of Jellyfish found in this lake one is moon Jellyfish and other is golden jellyfish. The population of Jellyfish was decreasing since 1998 due to change in temperature. However the population has gone back to normal in 2012.

It is a famous tourist spot in Palau. Jellyfish lake pass is available for $100. The stings of Jellyfish are toxic. However they are not powerful enough to harm humans. But they can be harmful to sensitive area near mouth and to people who are allergic to Jellyfish.

Crocodiles are also present in Palau however they are not considered to be a threat to diver as only one death is recorded till today. Other precaution for divers is to avoid going below 15 m as the toxic hydrogen sulfide can penetrate through skin and can cause death.

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