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You are not allowed to visit this place called the North Sentinel Island in India find out why!

North Sentinel Island
You are not allowed to visit this place called the North Sentinel Island !

The place which you are not allowed to visit in India is called the North Sentinel Island, which is part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island is quite isolated from the main Andaman Island. The island is 72 sq.km its size is almost equal to Manhattan.

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The island is known for its indigenous people called the Sentinelese people.

The people on this island are one of the few people on the planet who are untouched by the modern world. The government estimates the population to be 50 to 400. However the government doesn’t know the exact population because of the hostile nature of the Sentinelese people. The Sentinelese people are the last few tribal people in the world who has avoided contact with the modern world.

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The people of this island have attacked many people who tried to get on the island. Many government expeditions failed.  Sentinelese people attacked the people who tried to explore the island with arrows and stones.

The amazing thing about these people was that they survived the deadly 2004 tsunami. However, when the Indian government released a helicopter to observe the island the people threw stones and fired arrows at the helicopter. The island is also covered with dense forest hence it is not known about how the people live over there.

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In 2006 the indigenous people killed two fishermen who accident got too close to the island to catch mud crabs.

Since then the government has stopped the attempts to launch a friendly exploration not just because of the safety of the people who are trying to explore it but also because the indigenous people don’t have any immunity to diseases and any attempt for exploration may result in death of many of the native people on the island.

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