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The WOW Signal – The only confirmed signal from outer space

the wow signal
The WOW Signal

The WOW Signal was a signal which was detected on 15 August 1977 at Big Ear Radio telescope at Ohio State University.

image source - space
image source – space

Jerry R Ehman was as regularly working in at Ohio State University on the night of 15 August 1977. But at around 22:16 suddenly Jerry got a signal on his chart from outer space. The signal was strong and it lasted for 72 seconds. Jerry was surprised to see the signal. Later Jerry circled the signal on the chart and wrote WOW! Near to it.

The WOW! Later became the name of the signal. The Wow signal was 72 sec long. The signal’s intensity increased in first 36 sec and later its intensity decreased in the later 36 sec. The signal disappeared after 72 sec. The signal has since not been detected.

WOW signal -Youtube-Alltime Conspiracies
image source – Alltime Conspiracies

The signal is thought to be from a strong source. Jerry thought it would have been from space debris however he also said it can be from an Alien or Artificial source.

Jerry later tried to locate the signal however he wasn’t able to find the signal even able using more sensitive devices. The signal came from constellation Sagittarius. The zone from which this signal came have no planets and stars which have caused curiosity that how it can come from space debris if there are no stars and planet in that zone.

Many people are skeptic that it may have been from space debris however many believe it may have been from an Alien source.

What do you think it was an alien signal or from space debris? Comment below!

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