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The Unusual Atacama Skeleton

The Atacama Skeleton is an unusual skeleton discovered in Atacama desert.

In 2003 Oscar Muñoz a man from Chile, discovered an unusual skeleton (The Atacama Skeleton) in an abandoned town in Atacama Desert in Northern part of Chile.

Later Oscar sold it to a Spanish businessman named Ramón Navia-Osorio. The new owner has now kept the skeleton in Spain in a private collection.

Atacama desert-www.crystalinks.com
Atacama desert-image from crystalinks

The Ata skeleton is 6 inches long and has various abnormal features like unusual skull and body. Scientific analysis of this skeleton was done which concluded that the skeleton was not of extraterrestrial origin but in fact was a human fetus skeleton.

Atacama humanoid- Image by Ian Johnson-Flickr
Atacama humanoid- Image by Ian Johnson-Flickr

Scientist considered that the Ata skeleton would be very old. However the DNA analysis results showed that it is from the previous century.

Even Scientist could not properly explain the exact reason behind the unusual appearance of the skeleton.

Early analyst thought Ata might have suffered from oxycephaly and severe form of dwarfism.

Radiologist Ralph Lachman concluded that dwarfism alone cannot be responsible for the unusual appearance of the skeleton.

However DNA analyst were not able to find a dwarfism gene in Ata.

The unusual appearance may have been because of combination of various genetic disorders because of which it died prematurely.

atacama kinja
Image Courtesy – front.kinja.com

As high quality DNA was available from Ata scientist were successful to find to which people and area it belonged to. DNA analysis revealed that Ata’s DNA belongs to Indigenous South American people.

Ata was a famous topic of discussion among Ufologists. As Ufologists claimed that Atacama skeleton is an alien even after scientist revealed Ata was a human fetus.

Yet Ufologists also said that scientists are trying to cover up the incident by saying it is a human fetus. But scientists had proven that Ata is not an alien fetus but a human fetus.

The Atacama skeleton was also part of a documentary film named Sirius which was released in 2013.

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