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Whale Shark The World’s Largest Fish

Whale shark
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Whale Shark The World’s Largest Fish

The Whale shark is the largest fish in the world. This fish is a filter feeding and slow moving shark.

whale shark size compared to human
Size compared to human
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The Whale shark can grow up to 14 m (46 feet) and can grow up to 30 tons. The largest confirmed size is 12.65 m and 21.5 tons.

Whale Shark
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This species of fish live in tropical and warm temperate water. Whale shark lives in the upper part of the ocean and does not usually dive in the deep sea. However, they can occasionally dive in the deep sea.

The Whale shark has a large mouth, which can be 1.5 m (4.9 ft) wide. It feeds on plankton, krill, small crabs, fish or squid. This fish uses suction action by which water with food gets and excess water is expelled through gills but the food is separated.

Despite the size of the shark it is considered as a threat to humans. Many divers had swum with this fish. Scientists do not promote this activity as it may disturb the sharks.
Many aquariums have kept this shark in captivity.

Baby whale shark
Baby whale shark
source-Earth Touch News Network

The average lifespan of this fish is 70-100 years. This fish does not lay eggs and directly deliver the young pups. The pups can be 16-24 inches long.

This fish is considered as an endangered species as they are accidentally caught in fishing. Also, they take 30 years to reach maturity before they can produce pups.

Some countries have banned products of this fish.

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