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Vampire Squid The Unusual Deep Sea Creature

Vampire squid
Vampire Squid The Unusual Deep Sea Creature

The vampire squid is a deep sea creature. The scientific name of this squid is vampyroteuthis infernalis (which means vampire squid from hell).

This squid grows up to one feet in length. The color of this squid varies from black to pale reddish. It has large eyes which are are 2.5 cm in diameter.

This squid got its name from its red eyes, cloak like webbing & red color.

Vampire squid
source -National Geographic

Vampire squid’s body is covered with light producing organs called photophores. Photophores are capable of creating light from seconds to few minutes.

The squid is a deep sea creature. The squid lives at a depth of 600-900 meters. Oxygen levels are low in this region of ocean. Many other species of squid are not capable of living in this region.

The squids feeds on zooplankton (not on blood according to its name). Many larger deep sea fish feeds on vampire squid.

Vampire squid
source -Christian Science Monitor

The squid possesses some defense techniques one of which is commonly found in many squids which is infecting ink is absent in vampire squid. If the squid feels threatened it turns its arm outward and wraps its arms around its body projecting spike like projections to predators.

The squid can also eject bio luminescent mucus which confuses the predators and allow the squid to escape.

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