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The Unusual Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark
source -Wikipedia
The Unusual Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark is a species of shark which lives in deep sea. It is 40-56 cm long. This Shark lives in warmer parts of the ocean mostly near islands.

Cookie cutter shark is a deep sea shark. This shark lives at a depth of 3.7 km most of the time however during the day it migrates towards the upper parts of the ocean in search of food.

bioluminescene source -Sarasota Fins
source -Sarasota Fins

The Shark has long elongated body, green eyes and has photophores which produces green color. It uses its bioluminescene to attract preys.

The fish is widely distributed in certain areas of the ocean throughout the world. This shark mostly prefers warmer waters.

Cookie Cutter Shark got its name from the way it eats it food. The sahrk has a bandsaw like teeth it bites on its prey and gouges out round cookie shaped flesh from its prey. It also feeds on dead sea animals and directly swallows smaller preys.

source -New Scientist
source -New Scientist

Wounds have been noted on number of fishes, whales, dolphins and seals.

This shark feeds on may species of fish and wound from this shark can be 2 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches deep. Attacks on humans have been noted as this fish is widely distributed in many parts of  the world. Attacks on humans from a single shark are not very dangerous however if a school of shark attacks a human than it can cause some painful injuries.

Cookie cutter shark bites source -MentalFloss
Cookie cutter shark bites
source -MentalFloss

This shark is often a by catch in deep sea trawler and have no commercial fishing value. The fish have also been known to damage rubber equipment of the Navy. Covering the equipment with glass fiber has helped. It also damges undersea cables and fishing nets. However the damage caused by this fish not that great.

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