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Unsolved Mystery – The Original Night Stalker

Orignal night stalker
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Unsolved Mystery – The Original Night Stalker

The Original Night Stalker was an an unidentified serial killer active between the years 1979-86 who raped more than 50 women and killed around 10-13 people in California.

He used to stalk his victims mostly women and couple before initiating the attack and used to stalk woman who lived alone. The killer usually stalk his victims the day before he attacked his victim ad many of his victims observed someone roaming close to their house on the day of attack.

He wore a mask and threatened his victims with a gun. He also tied up his victim with an unusual knot called the Chinese diamond knot.

Orignal night stalker
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There were many victims as the crime pattern in some cases were similar. Some cases were thought to be related by DNA evidence but no solid proof was found against any suspects.

According to police the killer might have began as a burglar and later started committing bizarre sex crimes. He shot to death some of his victims and in some cases victims were killed by weapons while in some cases no weapons were found.

The person may have some psychological problems but the psychological state of stalker was not known. Most of the suspects were released and were ruled out by DNA evidence. Some cases were related by DNA evidence.

The murders and rapes stopped as mysteriously as they started. The first victim was murdered in 1979 and the last victim was murdered in 1986 many other cases were also thought to be related.

He was chased by an FBI agent in a case however he managed to escape. In one other attempt a local man also tried to chase him but the killer shot him seriously injuring him. Though many sketches were released he was never caught.

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