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Unsolved Mystery DB Cooper

db cooper
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Unsolved Mystery DB Cooper

DB Cooper is an unidentified person who hijacked  Boeing 727 on 24-Nov-2018 while onboard in between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.  He demanded $200000 from state as ransom and jumped off the plane with a parachute.

On 24-Nov-1971 the hijacker bought a ticket for a flight from Portland to Seattle. He identified himself as Dan Cooper.While on board he handed a note to flight attendant Florence Schaffner. He then told Florence that he got a bomb. D.B. Cooper then opened his briefcase and showed her the bomb.

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The hijacker demanded $200000 and four parachutes. Pilot Scott alerted the air traffic control who later contacted the police. Later the plane landed on Seattle-Tamoca Airport . Latere the money and parachute were given to Mucklow (another flight assistant)by a Northwest Orient’s Seattle operations manager, Al Lee.

After his demands has been met hijacker ordered to release all the passengers. The flight again took off and Cooper asked all the five remaining members to stay in cockpit. Later around 8:00 pm  the flight members observed that the plane’s aft staircase was open. Cooper had jumped out of the plane.

Later the plane landed with open aft door. Due to poor lighting condition at night noone was able to identify exactly where Cooper landed. Later a huge search by the army was done in that area but no clue was found.

However, later in 1980 a 8 year old boy who was vacationing near Columbia river with his family found stak of cash nearby. Later it was confirmed that the stack of money was the same given as ransom to D.B. Cooper. Large amount of money still remains uncovered. Also many people later claimed themselves to be D. B. Cooper but none was confirmed. However, what happened to D.B. Cooper still remains unknown.

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