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Unsolved Mystery of the Cabin 28 Keddie Murders

Cabin 28 Keddie Murders
sketch of suspects source -Wikipedia
Unsolved Mystery of the Cabin 28 Keddie Murders

Keddie Murders took place on the night of April 11 1981. Or in the early morning of April 12 1981 in which four people were killed in Cabin 28 in Keddie, California.

Among the people who were killed were Glenna Sharp, her 15 years old son John and his 17 years old friend Dana Wingate after 3 years the remains of her 12 years old daughter Tina were found in Camp Eighteen, California in 1984.

Cabin no 28
Cabin no 28

Interestingly her other two sons Greg, Rick and their friend Justin. All who slept in the Cabin but in different room were uninjured.

After the murders the next morning around 7:45 AM Glenna’s daughter Sheila returned to her house to see the bloody killing she immediately called the police.

The weapons which were used for the crime were found lying in the house and Glenna’s 12 years old daughter Tina was missing. The weapons used were knifes, hammer and gun but the gun was never found.
Police were not able to find any suspects or clues after sometime the case went cold. But in 1984 bones were recovered in Camp Eighteen which is about 29 Miles away from the crime scene.

It was not known whose bones were those. But few months after the bones were found police received a call from a mysterious person. The person said that the bones were of Glenna’s 12 years old missing daughter Tina. It was later confirmed that the bones were actually of Tina after DNA testing however the person who called the police is still unknown. The recordings of the calls were also lost.

sketch of suspects source -Wikipedia
sketch of suspects
source -Wikipedia

Some suspects were caught but none of them were ever convicted due to lack of evidence. The case is still unsolved till today. This Murder Mystery is thought to be the inspiration of the 2008 movie strangers.

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