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Unsolved mystery Of The Axeman of New Orleans!

Axeman of new orlean
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Unsolved mystery of the Axeman of New Orleans!

The Axeman of New Orleans is an unidentified serial killer who operated in New Orleans. He murdered 6-7 people in the years 1918-19.

The killer didn’t carry any weapons with him he took axe from his victim’s home he usually entered through backdoor he was not a robber as he never robbed anything.

It is also believed that the murders were racist as only Italians were killed however it is not proven. The killings started in 1918 however his first victim may have been an Italian couple which was shot in 1912. Most of his victims were woman. He late sent a letter saying that he is a jazz music fan as he said he would spare anyone who plays jazz in their home.

Axeman of new orleans
source – wikipedia

Some people in fear played jazz music at their home so he won’t attack them. However some people didn’t fear and challenged him that they will keep their front door open and he doesn’t need to break the back door.

Many suspects were caught but no one was ever convicted. A man who was thought to be the main suspect was shot to death by one of the victim’s wife. The crime stopped mysteriously in 1919.

However the crime writer Michael Newton was not able to find any evidence indicating any suspect was killed making the case more complicated.

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