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Unsolved Disappearance of Teresa Butler !

Teresa Butler
image source - ncmissingpersons
Unsolved Disappearance of Teresa Butler

On Jan 25th 2006 Teresa Butler disappeared from her home close to Risco, Missouri. On the same day in morning at around 10:00 am. When her husband returned home from his night shift work he saw that his wife was not at home. And their children aged 4 and 2 at that time were unharmed.

It couldn’t be ruled out as a robbery. Because many expensive things like Video camera, PlayStation, her wedding ring and Jeep were left behind. But her purse and cell phone was missing.

image source - fox2now
image source – fox2now

The last time she called someone before she went missing was at 10:00 pm. On 24th Jan 2006 the day before she went missing she called one of her relative that night. On the day when she disappeared she made two calls at two different numbers. But the numbers which she dialed were random and the two people whom she called didn’t know her. It is speculated that she may have dialed the number in desperate attempt to get help.

Out of the two calls one call was unanswered while the other one was picked up by an elderly lady who said she didn’t hear anything when she picked up the phone.

She worked at Wal-Mart in Missouri however her co-workers didn’t noticed anything unusual about her except some workers said that her told them she received threatening calls from her husband’s ex-wife.
However her husband Gary said that his ex-wife and Teresa had resolved their differences.
After Teresa Butler disappearance there was a wide spread search for her but police couldn’t find any clue about what happened to her. Her children were at home at the time when she disappeared however they were not able to say anything about her disappearance.

What happened to Teresa Butler is still unknown.

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