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Unbelievably Real UFO Sightings- 1952 Washington UFO Sightings

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1952 Washington UFO Sightings

In 1952 many people in Washington saw UFOs from June to July. Most people saw the UFOs on first two weekends compared to other weekends.

During night an Air Traffic controller saw something abnormal on radar. There were many objects moving in radar. The objects were not too far from the airport. Also there was no incoming flight at Washington National Airport at that time. Radar operator noted that object on radar has a completely chaotic compared to normal motion of a plane.

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Many people in nearby areas observed a disc shaped bright object moving in the sky. Its motion and directions was unbelievable and which would be impossible for an airplane to carry out. People observed the objects throughout the night. The objects disappeared from the sky in the early morning.

On the next weekend a pilot saw some weird objects just near to the plane. The objects were instantly observed on Airport’s radar. The objects on radar were observed to move at incredibly high speed which could have not been possible for a normal aircraft.

Two fighter planes were also sent to observe the objects first pilot didn’t see anything as he reached the beeping spot on radar. However the second pilot saw glowing objects which were chasing him and later disappeared.

Later the airport officials gave explanation that it may have been because of temperature inversion. However it even raised many more questions if the beeps on radar were because of temperature inversion how did many people in the nearby area reported UFO sightings.

Till today there is no solid proof or scientific explanation is available to explain Washington UFO sightings. This case of UFO sightings is still unsolved.

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