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Tupac’s Rare Interview about the Illuminati

Tupac Illuminati interview
Tupac Illuminati Interview

Tupac was a rapper who was killed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996. 2pac is one of the most influential rapper of all time. He is thought to be killed by a Crip member Orlando Anderson.

However it was never proved who actually killed 2pac and his death has always been a subject of debate. The case of 2pac’s murder is unsolved till today.

But a theory which surfaced after his death was that 2pac was a member of Illuminati. Illuminati is considered to be a secret society which controls all the Hollywood. And to be its member a person has to sell his/her soul to them.

Also in some of his song’s lyrics he has mentioned lines of selling his soul which also gave people a reason to believe in Illuminati.
2pac first got to know about the Illuminati in prison when some the inmates told him about the Illuminati. He was surprised to know that people believed in such stories he wanted to spread a message to the world that Illuminati doesn’t exist.

Makaveli-The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory

After the release of his album Makaveli: The Don Killuminati 7 Day theory. People speculated that Illuminati killed him because he wanted to expose them by adding K to Illuminati which means Kill Illuminati.

You can listen to his entire conversation about Tupac Illuminati interview below or you can continue to read below.

He just wanted to send a message to people that instead of believing that the Illuminati controls the world people should take a look at the problem of poverty and gang violence as they are some of the major problems people are facing today.

Some of his fans also believed that he faked his death and would return in 2014 however he didn’t return. There are still lots of mysteries surrounding his death but one thing was for sure he didn’t believe in the Illuminati.

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