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Top 10 One Piece Fights

Luffy vs Doflamingo
source - YouTube
Top 10 One Piece Fights

There have been many best fighting scenes in One Piece. However, some One Piece fights were better than other. Below is the list of top 10 One piece fights.

Spoiler Alert! (be warned)

10. Strawhats vs Oars

Strawhats vs Oars
source -Youtube

Oars is a giant who faces Strawhats during the Thriller Bark Arc. All the members fight Oars but they are unable to defeat him. But chopper finds out that the only way to defeat him is to shatter his spine which leaves him on ground.

9. Zoro vs Kaku

Zoro vs Kaku
source – YouTube

Zoro has a lot of difficulties while fighting Zoro. Kaku the CP9 agent who uses a Giraffe fruit is able to tackle Zoro. However, when Kaku talks about killing Robin. Zoro decides he has to win his fight and activates Demon Asura ability and defeats Kaku.

8. Whitebeard vs Akainu

Whitebeard vs Akainu
source – Dailymotion

After Akainu kils Ace at Marinefold. The oldman Whitebeard expresses his rage on Akainu. WHile fighting Akainu gets gravity punches from Whitebeard. While fighting Akainu punches magma fist in his body but Whitebeard is still able to give Akainu a final punch after which Akainu is unable to move for a while.

7. Strawhats vs Kuma

Strawhats vs Kuma
source – onepiece wikia

Duringthe pre timeskip Strawhats fought Kuma but none of them were strong enough to fight Kuma. Instead they got separated from each other. But after two years of training they were able to defeat Pacifista.

6. Zoro vs Mr 1

Zoro vs Mr1
source – Dailymotion

Mr 1 had great skills compared to zoro and almost everyone thought Zoro will loss this battle but he pushed himself beyond limits and finally used to his mysterious blow to end the fight.

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