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Top 10 Most Expensive Food Items

Ayam Cemani
source -Fine Dining Lovers
Top 10 most expensive food items

We all have different favorite food and its quiet easy to get however; here are some of the expensive food items which only the rich people can afford.

10. Wagyu Beef

wagyu beef
source – wikipedia

Matsusaka Wagyu Beef is the meat of Japanese black cattle. Some of these cattle are feed with beers and are given massage so that they will grow fat. Around 2500 cattle are slaughtered per year. The Wagyu beef costs around $500 per kg.

9. Bonnette potatoes

source- wikipedia
La bonnotte Potato

Bonette Potato is a variety of early potato. It is grown on the island of Noirmoutier, France. It is also known as king of potato it can cost you up to $700 per kg.

8. Matsutake mushroom

Matsutake mushroom
source – wikipedia

Matsutake mushroom is a species of mushroom which grows under trees. The mushroom is simple to harvest but due to its special growth requirements and terrain it hard to find. The price of these mushrooms can be up to $1000 per kg.

7. Moose cheese

Moose cheese
source -Insider Monkey

Moose cheese is made from Moose milk. The cheese is very rare as only 300 kg of this cheese is produced every year. The cost of this cheese is $1000 per kg.

6. Saffron

source -wiki

Saffron is a spice which is derived from the flower Crocus sativus. It is used in food as coloring and seasoning agent. It is the most costly spice and it is priced around $1100-11000 per kg.

5. Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani
source -Fine Dining Lovers

Ayam Cemani is rare species of chicken from Indonesia. The special thing about this chicken is that it has entirely black organs both from outside and from inside. The price of this chicken can be up to $2500 per chicken.

4. White truffle

white truffle
source- Eater LA

White truffle is a fruiting body of a fungus. The high value white truffle is found in Italy in Langhe and Montferrat. The price of one kilogram of white truffle is around $6000 to $10000 per pound.

3. Edible bird’s nest

Edible bird's nest
source – wiki

Edible bird’s nest is an edible bird nest created by edible-nest swiftlets, Indian swiftlets and species of swiftlets. The birds built these nest by using saliva which solidifies. There are two versions of these nests the white one and red one. The white one costs around $2000 per kg and the red one cost around $10000 per kg.

2. Black truffle

Black Truffle
source – wikipedia

Black truffle is the species of fruiting body of the fungus Tuber melanosporum. It is found in Perigord area in France. It costs around $6000 per kg.

1. Beluga Caviar

Almas Caviar Beluga caviar
source- Wikipedia

Beluga Caviar is the eggs of the fish Beluga sturgeon. The beluga sturgeon is found in the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Adrian Sea. The Beluga sturgeon is now considered as an endangered species. The price of Beluga Caviar is around $7000 to $10000 per kg.

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