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Top 10 Most Beautiful Nebulae

Orion Nebula

Top 10 most Beautiful Nebula

There are many beautiful nebula in the space. Here is the list of 10 most beautiful nebulae.

10. Calabash Nebula

Calash Nebula

Calabash Nebula is a protoplanetary nebula located at a distance of 5000 light years from earth. The nebula formed from a red giant star and the gas flow occurred around 800 years ago and from 1000 years from now the Calabash Nebula will become a fully developed planetary nebula.

9. Egg Nebula

Egg Nebula

Egg Nebula is a bipolar protoplanetary nebula located at a distance of 3000 light years. The egg nebula has a bright arc surrounding the central star. The central star’s view is blocked by a thick layer of dust and gas. However, the light from the star is able to penetrate the thinner outer layer of the nebula which gives the illuminates the outer layer of this nebula.

8. Red Rectangle Nebula

Red Rectangle Nebula

Red Rectangle Nebula is a protoplanetary nebula located in the Monoceros constellation.  The nebula was discovered in 1973. There is a binary star system located at the center of the Nebula however, the view of its center star is obscured.

7. Hourglass Nebula

Hourglass Nebula

Hourglass Nebula is a young planetary nebula located in the constellation of Musca. Initially the nebula was observed in between 1918 and 1924 however, more detailed pictures were taken in 1996. The different layers of colors in this nebula are due the different elements like helium, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon being expelled from the dying star.

6. Lemon Slice Nebula

Lemon Slice Nebula

Lemon Slice Nebula is located at a distance of 4500 light years from earth. This Nebula is a young nebula and has a diameter of only 0.4 light years. The nebula has structure of composed mostly of ionized helium. The false color image of this nebula was yellow in color from which it got its name the Lemon slice nebula.

5. Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula is a nebula located at a distance of 6500 to 10000 light years from earth. The nebula has a radius of approximately 230 light years. Carina Nebula consists of several stars and many nebulae. WR 25 is also located in the Carina Nebula which is the brightest star in Milky way.

4. Stingray Nebula

Stingray Nebula

Stingray Nebula is located at a distance of 18000 light years from earth. It is protoplanetary nebula in which the gas has not yet become hot and ionized. The brightness of star has faded over 20 years and its temperature went up by 40000 degree Celsius.

3. Barnard’s Loop

Barnard's Loop

Barnard’s Loop is an emission nebula located at a distance of 518 to 1434 light years. It is thought to have formed around 2 million years ago from supernova explosion. The large arc of Barnard’s loop contains the horsehead and Orion nebulae.

2. Crescent Nebula

Crescent Nebula

Crescent Nebula is an emission nebula located at a distance of 5000 light years from earth in the constellation of Cygnus. It was formed when the star WR 136 collided with slower moving wind and the formation of shock waves, one moving outwards and one moving inwards.

1. Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula is located at the distance of 1344 light years from earth. It is also visible to naked eye at night. It is the closest region of massive star formation to earth. It is also one of the most studied objects which reveal how stars and planetary systems are formed.

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