5. Tasha from Spiral Cats

Tasha from Spiral Cats-mmosite42.rssing.com
Tasha cosplaying image source – rssing

Tasha is the leader of the Cosplay group Spiral Cats which is based in South Korea. She is appointed by many gaming companies for cosplaying their characters. She cosplays the game which she likes to play.

4. Raychul Moore

image source - cosplaycatwalk
image source – cosplaycatwalk

Raychul Moore is a YouTube Gamer and cosplayer. She has cosplayed various gaming characters from games and she is also a proud gamer she had various gameplay videos of Fallout, Tomb Raider and other games.

3. Sjokz

image source – eslgaming

Sjokz is a Belgian gamer who is host of the European League Championship Series. She has been gaming since a decade and has participated in many tournaments. She has won some of the gaming tournaments.

2. Melonie Mac

Melonie Mac-Youtube
image source – Youtube

Melonie Mac is a YouTuber and gamer she likes to play a wide range of games. Apart from gaming she likes to watch Anime shows. One of her favorite game is Tomb Raider and she has cosplayed the character of Lara Croft.

1. SSSniperWolf

image source – pinterest

SSSniperWolf is a gamer and cosplayer she is a fan of gaming series Metal Gear Solid. She is quite skilled in shooting games and an expert in the game Call of Duty. She is also quite famous on Youtube with over 2.6 million subscribers.

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