5. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartifilia-fairytail-wikia
image source – wikia

Lucy Heartfilia is the hot blonde mage from the series Fairy Tail she has brown eyes and a curvy body she is bit timid but she is quite intelligent and a good fighter but she doesn’t easily starts a fight but when there is need for helping her friends she does everything she can.

4. Bulma – Dragon Ball series

2016-04-27 01_19_41-Dragon Ball Super - Bulma Punches Goku YouTube
image source – YouTube

Bulma has always been target for the perverted acts of Master Roshi. Apart from being beautiful she is also intelligent and has indirectly helped our Dragon Ball warriors many times. Even Vegeta admitted her beauty and married her.

3. Nami – One Piece

image source -tumblr

Nami is the crew member of the Straw Hats Pirates which is lead by Monkey D. Luffy. She was one of the earliest members to join Straw Hats Pirates she was quite young when she joined the crew however now she has a slim and tall body with big breasts apart from her looks she can also fight well.

2. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet-www.taringa.net
image source – taringa

Erza Scarlet is Mage from the series Fairy Tail she is young girl with a slender body and curvy figure. She is also known for her short outfits during fights. Apart from this she is quite badass fighter who will do everything possible to protect her friends.

1. Boa Hancock – One Piece

image source -fanpop

Boa Hancock is the tall bombshell from the series One Piece who is considered as one of the most beautiful woman in the One Piece World. She has long black hair, big breasts (bigger than Robin’s or Nami’s as explained by Oda the creator of One Piece) and a curvy body. However she also have devil fruit ability to convert enemies into stones.

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