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5. Parasyte

Parasyte horror anime
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Parasyte is an anime about worm like parasite which takes over human brain by entering through the ear or nose. Shinchi a 17 year old boy gets his hand infected with the parasite. But he is able to prevent it from entering its brain. The story focuses around both Shinchi’s fight against other parasite.

4. Yamishibai Japanese Ghost stories

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Yamishibai is based on Japanese ghost stories. An old man arrives at a children playground and tell them creepy stories about Japanese legends.

3. Ghost Hunt

Ghost hunt
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Ghost hunt is an anime based on Mai Taniyama a 16 years old who get involved with Shibuya Psychic Research and Manager. Kazuya they work together and explore paranormal activities.

2. Hell girl

Hell girl
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Hell girl is an anime based on a website hell correspondence on which a person can submit the name of the person who he/she wants to dragged to hell and the person who gets this thing done also goes to hell.

1. Corpse party

Corpse Party
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Corpse party is only a four episode anime based on a horror story which is based on the game of same name. The characters have to explore the haunted school and also try to find a place to escape and avoid creepy entities

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