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Top 10 best selling consoles of all time

best selling consoles
Top 10 best selling consoles of all time
Here we have listed the top 10 best selling gaming consoles of all time.

10. Nintendo Entertainment System

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Nintendo Entertainment System was developed and released by Nintendo  in 1983. It has sold over 61.91 million consoles till today.

9. Game Boy Advance

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Nintendo developed and released Game Boy Advance  in 2001. It has sold over 81.51 million consoles till today.

8. PSP

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Sony developed and released PSP in 2004. It has sold over 82 million consoles worldwide.

7. PlayStation 3

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PlayStation 3 was developed and released by Sony in 2006. Till today it has sold over 83.8 million consoles worldwide.

6. Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 was developed by Microsoft and released in 2005. It has sold over 84 million consoles worldwide till today.

5. Wii

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Wii was developed by Nintendo and released in 2006. It has sold over 101.59 million consoles worldwide.

4. Playstation

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Playstation was developed and released by Sony in 1994. It has sold over 102.49 million consoles worldwide.

3. Game Boy

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Game Boy was developed and released by Nintendo in 1989. It has sold over 118.69 million consoles worldwide.

2. Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS-www.gameinformer.com
image source – gameinformer

Nintendo developed and released Nintendo DS in 2004. It has sold over 154.01 million consoles worldwide.

1. PlayStation 2

image source – gamespot

Sony developed and released PlayStation 2 in 2000. PlayStation 2 is the best selling console of all time it has sold over 155 million consoles worldwide.

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