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Top 10 Badass Female Anime Characters

Badass Female Anime Characters
Top 10 badass Female Anime Characters

There have been many anime badass girls in many Anime series here is the list of them. Below is the list of Top 10 Badass Female Anime Characters!

10. Saber – Fate/Stay Night

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Saber is one of the main female character of the series Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night. She is a servent to master Shirou Emiya. Saber is a fighter Knight who took the responsibility of becoming a servant after pulling out her sword from stone. She is a well determined true fighter in Holy Grail War in the series.

9. Saeko Busujima – Highschool of the Dead

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Saeko Busujima is a school student and also is the main fighter of ther group. She is also the daughter of a skilled swordsman because of which she is quite skilled fighter. Saeko had a wooden stick which she used to defeat one of her attacker. She is the best female fighter against zombies. She was able to take down many zombies on her own.

8. Motoko Kusanagi – The Ghost in the Shell

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Motoko Kusanagi is the lead protagonist of the series The Ghost in the Shell. She is a cyborg and a police officer who works for public security Section 9. She is one of the best officers known for her strength, intelligence and technical skills. Her unusual skills among others have helped her to fight enemies without much difficulty.

7. Seras Victoria – Hellsing

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Seras Victoria is the lead female character of the series Hellsing. She works as a police for Hellsing Organization. Enemies shot Seras almost fatally in an incident. Alucard converted Seras into a vampire. She has some great fighting abilities against her enemies. Seras have powers like regeneration, super human strengths and speed.

6. Tsunade – Naruto

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She is the fifth Hokage. Tsunade is one of the strongest Kunoichi Medicalnin. Many people doubted that Tsunade could even be a Hokage.  But she proved herself as she was able to withstand various fight against Madara.Tsunade protected her villager life without caring about her own life.

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