5. Revy – Black Lagoon

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Revy – Black Lagoon is the lead female character of the series Black Lagoon. She is the member of Lagoon Company and also a skilled fighter she is usually seen as a cold blooded person because of abuse she faced as a child. She is a total badass she would kill anyone who she thinks might be a risk. Her fighting and shooting skills are quite effective against enemies.

4. Mikasa – Attack On Titan

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Mikasa is the main female lead of Attack on Titan. She is one of the skilled fighters of Survey Corps. Her parents were murdered by kidnappers Eren killed one of her kidnappers since that incident she has become a quite person shows affection towards Eren. She is one of the most skilled fighters who are able to take down titans on her own. She would do anything to save him. She chased female titan when she took Eren away.

3. Android 18 – Dragon Ball Z

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Android 18 was a human and twin sister of Android 17. Both of them were kidnapped by Dr.Gero for his experiments later both were converted in Androids to give them super strengths Cell had to absorb both of them to reach his perfect form. In future she and her brother caused destruction of world in future. She also easily defeated Vegeta by breaking his arm.

2. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

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Erza Scarlet is the one of the main lead characters in Fairy Tail. She is an S-class mage. She got some magical powers, sword skills and telekinetic powers. She is a quite strict person. She is very aggressive in terms of fighting she always give her maximum potential to defeat her enemies. She would put herself first when her friends are in danger.

1. Lucy – Elfen Lied

image source – feralfront

Lucy is the main lead of the series. She is a species of Diclonius. This species has some special powers they have arms called vectors which have decapitation. She was not always a sadist ruthless killer. However she was alienated and traumatized as a child. She was also imprisoned for three years which caused her to be a deadly killer.

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