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Top 10 Badass Anime characters

Top 10 badass anime characters
Top 10 badass Anime characters

There are many badass Anime characters however some have been more badass and if we try to put them all in this list it won’t be fit in 10 characters. Hence we have created a Top 10 Badass Anime characters list based on personality and popularity of the character.

Spoiler Alert!

There are some spoilers in this post so be warned.

10. Kenpachi Zaraki

Zaraki bleach wikia
Image source -Bleach wikia

Kenpachi Zaraki is the captain of 11th division of Gotei 13. Kenpachi is a tall guy with a strong built and is one of the tallest characters in Bleach. He covers one lost eye with a patch.  Kenpachi is known for aggressive fighting style.  He usually likes to fight a person who may be worthy of fight. Since Kenpachi fights for pleasure he believes that an injury during battles doesn’t matter as they are part of battle.

9. Inuyasha

Inuyasha wikia
Image source – Inuyasha wikia

Inuyasha was born to a human mother and a demon father. As a result Inuyasha faced many difficulties as he was not freely accepted by humans and demons. Therefore he has aggressive fighting style he fights without fear when his friends are in danger. Inuyasha’s fighting style helped him to win fights against enemies which was not possible for him to win.

8. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha fanpop
Image source – fanpop

Itachi Uchiha is the elder brother of Sasuke the rival and friend of Naruto. Itachi Uchiha was the member of Konoha and Akatsuki. He was the member of Uchiha clan. However Itachi became enemy of Uchiha clan after he and Tobi killed all the member of uchiha village. However he spared life of his brother Sasuke. Itachi also was the captain of crime syndicate Akatsuki. His brother vowed to avenge him but Itachi realizes his true goals.

6. Levi Ackerman
tumblr Levi Ackerman
Image source – Tumblr

Levi Ackerman is the main soldier of the Survey Corps. Ackerman is also considered as the best soldier of the Survey Corps. Levi works under commander Erwin. He is always calm and expressionless throughout the series. Levi rarely expresses his emotions making it difficult to know what he is thinking. He also saved Eren twice from the Female titan and Levi was easily able to handle female titan when most of the other crew members died while fighting the female titan.

6. Spike Spiegel

spike spiegel comicvine
Image Source – comicvine

Spike Spiegel is the main character of the series Cowboy Bebop. Apart from other aggressive characters in this list Spike is comparatively calm but his intelligence and his awesome fighting style makes him a total badass. Spike fights with his enemies with his skills and intelligence. The fight between him and Vicious the main antagonist is considered to be one of the best fights in Anime.


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