5. Major -Hellsing & Hellsing Ultimate

Major Hellsing
source -GoodFon

Major is the main villain of the series Hellsing. He is the leader of a Milennium a fictional Nazi organization. He is a very cunning guy who wants the world to be a war forever. Due to his war efforts, many people had to die and suffer.

4. Light Yagami – Death Note

Light Yagami Evil
source – Gaia Online

Light Yagami is the main character of the series Death Note. After receiving the Death Note he started killing criminals but soon he became obsessed with dreams of becoming god of the new world. After which he killed all people who came into his way of becoming god of the new world.

3. Johan Liebert – Monster

Johan Liebert
source -fanpop

Johan is the monster of the series monster. He was the product of a biologically modified human to create human which can lead humanity. However, Johan uses his charisma & high intelligence to manipulate and kill people. He wants to be alone in the world when the world ends.

2. Aizen – Bleach

source -Crunchyroll

Aizen is the main antagonist of the series Bleach. He wears a spectacle and has decent look. However, behind his decent look he has a very cunning and manipulative personality. He will sacrifice all his friends to achieve his goals and won’t mind killing them if the plan doesn’t work properly.

1. Frieza – Dragon Ball Z

Frieza final form
source -Comic Vine – GameSpot

Frieza is the first super villain of the series Dragon Ball Z. He is an alien who kills all species of the Saiyan except Vegeta and Goku who survive. Frieza is merciless man who will kill everyone or even destroy a planet just to achieve his goals.

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