5 .Happosai – Ranma ½

source -Goodreads
source -Goodreads

Happosai is a old man from the series Ranma ½. He is a famous martial artist and he is also a perverted man who participates in groping and peeking. Happosai also steals undergarments of woman. He is addicted to woman he loses his energy if he does not touch a woman.

4. Kon- Bleach

source -Manga Beating Heart - Altervista
source -Manga Beating Heart – Altervista

Kon is an underpod. He is a stuffed lion. Most girls like stuffed toys but not Kon as he is perverted and attracted to girls. He asks girls to hug him. He also takes advantage of his small body type.

3. Sanji – One Piece

source _YouTube
source _YouTube

Sanji is the member of Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. He is a perverted guy who falls in love just by seeing a beautiful woman. He also has nose bleed sometimes. He also mentioned Naomi was the reason of joining Straw Hat Pirates.

2. Jiraiya -Naruto

source -OtakuKart
source -OtakuKart

Jiraiya is the trainer of Naruto. He is a proud  pervert who likes peek woman bathing. He also tried to peek Tsunade but got beaten very badly. Jiraiya also thinks about woman all the time.

1. Master Roshi – Dragon Ball Z

Top 10 Anime Perverts
source -OtakuKart

Master Roshi is the master of Goku. He always perverted towards beautiful women. Roshi also played his perverted ideas on Chi Chi, Bulma and Android 18 but got beaten by them. Master Roshi is undoubtedly the most perverted anime character.

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