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Missing Woman Named Lucy Ann Johnson Was Found After 52 Years

Lucy Ann Johnson
Missing Woman Named Lucy Ann Johnson Was Found After 52 Years

Lucy Ann Johnson is an Alaskan woman who went missing in September 1961 and was found alive 52 years later in 2013.

Lucy was born in Alaska she is of Alaskan native descent. Later she married Marvin Johnson in 1954 the couple went to live in Surrey, British Columbia.  They had two children named Linda and Daniel.

In September 1961 she was last seen by one of her neighbors. But she was not reported missing until 1965 by her husband. When her husband finally reported that that she has been missing since 1961 police thought that he must have killed her however, police were not able to find any evidence. The case went cold Marvin remarried and died in 1990.

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Almost after 52 years there was no trace about what happened to her. Finally, her daughter took an initiative to find her missing mother in 2013 she advertised in a newspaper about her mother to find her. She suddenly got a reply from a Canadian woman living in Yukon the woman claimed that she was her mother. Police later confirmed that the lady was indeed Lucy Ann Johnson.

Lucy later explained that she left her husband because he was abusive and told her to leave the house and he also didn’t allow her to take her children with her.

After she moved to Canada, she remarried and had four more children.
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