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The Mystery of the Unidentified Somerton Man


The unidentified Somerton Man

The Police found the Somerton man lying on Somerton beach, Adelaide, Australia. On 1st December 1948 at 6:30 am police got news from local people that there was a man lying on the Somerton Beach.

When police arrived at the scene the man was dead.

When Police asked nearby people about the incident. Many people said that they saw the Somerton man a day before his death at the same spot where he was found lying.

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Image source – wikipedia

The police found a piece of paper in the Somerton man’s pocket. On the piece of paper Tamam Shud was written. Tamam Shud means ended or finished in Persian. The piece of paper was from the last page of the book The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The book from which this paper was clipped was found by a person the same day on which the body was found. In that book there were a cipher and an unknown phone number.

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Investigators thought that cipher code is illogical. As the alphabets in the code mostly were random letters which didn’t provide any specific answer to the case. Police believe it may have been written by a psychotic person.

The number which was found by Police belonged to a lady and coincidentally she also got a copy of the same book.  But the copy which she had was well intact with the last page i.e. with the words “Tamam Shud”. Her Book had the last page intact whereas the original book from which it was torn was found earlier.

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Image courtesy – wikipedia

Investigators concluded that the man was poisoned by digitalis a cardiac glycoside which is lethal in higher amount or by a barbiturate/hypnotic. Police later tried to find more clues about the case but were able to find any other clue.

Afterwards the police published the image of the man throughout Australia. And eventually throughout the world however no successful identification of this man could be found. Many matches surfaced throughout the years for the Somerton man however all were rejected because of lack of evidence.

The man is still unidentified and the case is still unsolved and it is considered to be one of the most famous unsolved mysteries in Australia.

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