Home Animals This Cute Looking Fish Called The Pufferfish Can Kill You

This Cute Looking Fish Called The Pufferfish Can Kill You

The Puffer fish
This Cute Looking Fish Called The Pufferfish Can Kill You

This fish is called the puffer fish also known as blowfish. This fish is well known for its poison as it is one of the most toxic fishes in the world.

Puffer fish have toxic chemicals in their body which can kill humans if consumed inappropriately.

Puffer fish are small to medium in size the largest known species grows just over 100 cm.

The smallest species is the pygmy Puffer fish which is only 1-2 inches long

The puffer fish is found in the Tropical zone and Temperate Zone and the puffer fish is found in fresh water as well as sea water.

Some species of Puffer fish are adapted to survive in both salt water and fresh water.

Expl0372_-_Flickr wikipedia
The Puffer fish in inflated form Image courtesy – Flickr wikipedia

This fish is a slow moving fish and swims very slowly hence, is an easy target for predators, however the fish have three unique defense mechanisms.

The first mechanism of fish is it can use sudden speed burst to quickly escape from predators.

The second mechanism of defense is fish swallows water and buffs up itself into a circular shaped ball which makes it difficult to swallow prey.

The Puffer fish can choke its predator if swallowed before buffing up. However if the predator is able to completely swallow the fish the third defense mechanism comes into play.

The fish has a third mechanism  which is a chemical defense mechanism. The fish also has a toxin which is lethal and as a result it can kill its predator.

Small-Puffer-Fish myinterestingfacts
Image Courtesy – myinterestingfacts

The Lizard Fish and Tiger Shark prey on the puffer fish.

The Lizard Fish and Tiger Shark are immune to puffer fish’s poison.

Puffer fish is not safe for consumption as many people have died after eating this fish without knowing about its toxicity.

The toxins can cause paralysis and even death. A deadly dish called the Fugu is prepared by chefs in Japan and only specialized expert chefs prepare this dish.

Fugu is one of the world’s deadliest dishes and if the Fugu dish is not prepared properly by chefs it can be deadly for people who consume it.

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