Home Animals The unbelievably huge Crab the Japanese Spider Crab !

The unbelievably huge Crab the Japanese Spider Crab !

Japanese Spider Crab

Japanese Spider crab is a salt water crab found in Ocean near Japan and some parts of Taiwan. This species is the largest known species of crab. Despite its furious appearance and size it is not a deadly predator. The crab feeds on dead animals and prey on some species of mollusks. The Crabs also scavenge the dead animals at the bottom of the ocean.

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The crab is orange in color with spots and also it is the longest species of arthropod on the planet. The crab can be up to 12 feet long. The average weight of crab is up to 19 kg.

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The crabs are found in shallow to deep sea. The crabs come to shallow water for breeding during the breeding period it’s illegal to catch crabs. The crab’s larva is small and usually found in breeding grounds.

This species of crab is also collected as food sometimes but it is not fished commercially. The population of these crabs has been decreasing recently the reason for decrease in crab’s population is thought to be because of over fishing or environmental changes.

Fishing boats has to go in further in deeper ocean to find more crabs as there population has decreased in shallower water and in recent years longer individuals are found in lesser numbers compared to last 30-40 years. Its decreasing population has been a concern various initiatives are no been taken to prevent the declining population of these crabs.

The crabs have also been exported to many parts of the world and have been kept in captivity in many large aquariums.

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