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The Green Man urban legend the legend which came out to be true!

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The Green Man urban legend!

In Pennsylvania there was an urban myth that The Green Man wandered the streets of Pennsylvania at night.  The Green Man had no face and had a green skin. Many People in  Pennsylvania reported sightings of Green man. The Green man was not an unusual being but a normal man with severe face deformities due to an accident.

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Raymond Robinson (1910-1985) was born as a normal person in Pennsylvania. But at the age of 8 Raymond had a near fatal electric shock from electric lines on Morado Bridge, Beaver Falls. He was lucky to survive as one other boy died at the same place a year earlier. However the injuries from the accident were severe.  Doctors had to remove his eyes, nose and right arm in order to save him.

He avoided going out in the day and lived in Koppel. He worked with his relatives making doormats, wallets and belts. However due to his unusual and scary appearance he rarely went out from his home but instead he walked at night. Many people were scared of Raymond because of his appearance.  But Raymond was well known by some of his neighbors.

Apart from his unusual appearance his skin appeared green because of skin infection. He got his name Green man because of his skin infection and No Face Charlie because of absence of nose and eyes. He was a normal human being trying to take a walk. But some people didn’t behave nicely with him hence he avoided going out for walk during day. However he went out for walk at night.

Raymond stopped walking on streets in last years of his life. He later died in Beaver County Geriatric Center at the age of 74. Raymond story is still being passed through many generations by people. But many people pass this story as he was a ghost. But only few people know that he was just a normal human with unusual appearance.

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