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The Cursed Chair of Death which kills anyone who sits on it!

Cursed chair
The Cursed Chair of Death

The ‘Busby Stoop Chair’ or simply the cursed chair of death is an antique chair. The 17th century chair is believed to be cursed chair as it many people who sat on the chair died.

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The history of the chair goes to 17th century during which the chair was owned by a man Thomas Busby. Thomas loved Elizabeth the daughter of man named Daniel Auty who he later married however he was a drunkard and was regularly opposed by his father in law Daniel.

One day in 1702 Daniel went to Busby’s home where he sat on Busby’s favorite chair. Both got into an argument about as Daniel didn’t wanted his daughter to stay with Busby as he was a drunkard man. During their argument Busby was very angry with Daniel not because of the topic of his wife but because he sat on his favorite chair he later killed his father in law.

He was found guilty and was ordered to be executed. However, before being executed he cursed that anyone who will sit on his chair will die. He was gibbeted as a punishment at Sandhutton.

Thirsk Museum image source – tripadvisor

For many years the chair was kept in a pub. During the World War 2 anyone who sat on the chair never returned from the war. Later in 1967 two Air force pilots who sat on the chair died in crash while they were driving back from pub. Later the pub owner moved the chair to basement to avoid more deaths. But one day a delivery man went to basement and sat on chair he crashed his truck after almost an hour.

After this incident the pub owner decided to finally move the chair to Thirsk museum in 1972. In the museum the chair is kept five feet up hanged so no one can sit on it is. The chair is present at Thirsk museum, England.

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