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Real Ghost Photo The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall
The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is ghost which has been sighted many times in the Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. The Raynham Hall is a haunted place in England.

Captain Hubert C Provand  captured the picture of Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. Country Life Magazine published the photo in 1936.

Dorothy Walpole source-wikipedia
Dorothy Walpole

The ghost is the Raynham Hall is thought to be of Lady Dorothy Walpole (1686-1726). Charles Townshed the husband of Lady Dorothy Walpole had a fierce anger.

According to one story it is believed that she cheated on her husband and because of which her husband locked her in Raynham Hall. She stayed in the Raynham Hall however she died of smallpox in 1726.

Two guests first reported the sighting of the Brown Lady in 1835. One guest even claimed that he saw the ghost wearing a brown dress.

Frederick Marryat the friend of the well known author Charles Dickens also reported seeing a lady in Brown dress in 1917.

One more person saw a ghost in brown dress in 1926.

Raynham Hall source - Wikipedia
Raynham Hall
source- Wikipedia

In 1936 Captain Hubert C Provand and his assistant were taking pictures in Raynham Hall for some article. When they were taking the picture near the staircase they suddenly saw a woman like entity moving towards them they immediately captured the picture of the ghost. The ghost was clearly visible in the negative of the photo.

The original photo source-daffadillies
The original photo
source -daffadillies

There were mixed review of the picture some thought it was real while some thought that the picture captured the entity due to double exposure.

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