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Goblin Shark – The Rare Species Of Shark

Goblin Shark
Goblin Shark – The Rare Species Of Shark

This species of Shark is known as the Goblin Shark. It is also called a living fossil as it represents a species which is 125 million years old and hasn’t changed much. This shark is a deep sea fish usually found in ocean deeper than 100 m.

The shark is pink colored and it has needle like teeth which are long and narrow. It has unique ability to detect prey from its snout. And it catches its prey by extending its jaws to catch it. Its nail like teeth prevents its prey from escaping.

Goblin Shark- Wikipedia
image source – Wikipedia

The exact size of this shark is not known as it is rarely caught the largest caught was 5.4-6.2 meter long. It is a deep sea fish found usually near sea bottom juvenile are found in less deeper part of ocean compared to adults.

They are scattered in many parts of the world this shark has been caught in different parts of the world.

Watch the footage of Goblin Shark in the video below it also shows its ability to extend its jaw.

The fish is thought to slow moving as its body is not strong its bones are weakly calcified and its muscles are also weakly developed.

It uses its snout to detect its prey and it can expand its jaw to catch its prey the snout has sensors which detects electric fields produced by other organisms nearby. It preys on small species of fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans.

Goblin shark-pinterest
Goblin Shark catching a fish source – pinterest

The fish is not considered to be a threat to humans because of the depth at which it is found. It is accidently caught in deep sea fishing.

Some Goblin Sharks were found alive but none of sharks have survived for more than a week in captivity.

Not much is known about its lifespan and its reproduction as studies are to be carried out and no pregnant female have been caught till today.

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