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One Piece is inspired from this real life Pirate King

real life pirate king
One Piece is inspired from this real life Pirate King

Olivier Levasseur (died 1730) was a well known real life pirate king. He is also known as one of the biggest pirates of all time. He operated near Madagascar from his base.

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He fought many battles and looted many people. Olivier also got many injuries one of the major injuries was that he had lost one of his eyes in a battle he later wore an eye patch to cover his battle scars.

He was often seen as a cruel pirate who brutally defeated his enemies. Olivier used to raid wealthy empires from which he used to get large amount of jewelry. He was seen as a cruel man by many but he always took care of his crew as a leader he distributed gold, silver and diamonds equally with his crew members. He was also the most wanted criminal of his time. Later in his life he started an event in which he wanted all the pirates to stop their piracy activities and wanted amnesty. However his plans didn’t work out well as he planned. The French government wanted to take back all the treasures which he had looted. He later tried to hide in Seychelles but was caught in Madagascar.

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Later he was executed by hanging in 1730 before his hanging he threw a necklace in public standing near his execution platform. In his necklace there was a cipher he said whoever is able to solve the cipher and have his treasure. But till today no one has been able to find the treasure. Some people till today seek to find the hidden treasure.

Similarly in one piece the Pirate King Gol D. Roger is also executed and similarly before his death he also announces that his treasure is available to one who can find it.

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