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Mystery of the Ningen Cryptid

Ningen Cryptid
Mystery of the Ningen Cryptid

Ningen Cryptid is a giant white humanoid like cryptid which has been spotted in Antarctic regions. Its sighting has been seen since the 1960s. There have many stories about the Ningen in Japan.

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It has been mostly sighted in Antarctic region however there was one sighting in Arctic region. It can be an unknown species of Antarctic animal as some parts of Antarctic hasn’t been fully explored till now!

Ningen is the Japanese word for human and the creature is called Ningen. Because of its appearance as it thought to have human like arms and fingers and it is about 20-30 meters long and it is white in color. Some of the sightings also reported that Ningen have mouth and eyes like humans it also has fins or mermaid like tail to swim.

albino whale - www.pinterest.com
An albino Humpback whale

There are few possible explanations for Ningen. The first possible explanation for the Ningen is the Albino humpback whale. As most of the whales aren’t white but few of the individuals are albino. Apart from their appearances their size and appearance is also similar to Ningen so there are pretty good chances that the sighting of albino Humpback whale might have been mistaken for Ningen Cryptid.

Ningen Google Earth -disclose-tv
image source -disclose

There is also a point located on Google Earth tagged for Ningen. But it is not known exactly what it is and also there is no solid proof like photos and videos to explain the presence of such creature.

The other possible explanation may be an undiscovered species of fish or animal. Which may be living in the Antarctic Ocean and is yet to be discovered.

What do you think about it? Is it real or just misidentified albino whale comment below!

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