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The Mysterious Taos Hum Sound

The Mysterious Taos Hum Sound
Midshipman fish source-Wikipedia
The Mysterious Taos Hum Sound

Taos Hum sound or simply “The Hum” is a low frequency sound which is ringing, rumbling noise which is audible to some people. The noise is somewhat like diesel engine idling or like traffic noise. One such sound was officially recorded.

source -wikipedia
source -wikipedia

The sound has been reported from many parts of the world. People described that sound affected them only in certain areas but not in all areas. The sound can be very disturbing to some people.

source -slightlywarped
source -slightlywarped

There have been many possible explanation of this sound. Two sources recorded were from mechanical sources in Kokomo, Indiana the first sound came from a cooling tower in from a casting plant and the second sound was from an air compressor from Haynes International Airport but people complained even after both the machines were fixed.

Few more sources were recorded from mechanical source in West Seattle, Wellington and Windsor. But majority of the sounds are not from the mechanical sources.

Tinnitus may also be the cause of these sounds as in Tinnitus people can hear sound without any external source but it fails to explain why the sound is audible in certain locations. Also some people experience the sound indoors whereas some hear the sound outdoors but some people hear the sound equally both in indoors and outdoors.

Midshipman fish source-Wikipedia
Midshipman fish

Other sources are spontaneous otoacoustic emmisions in which the human ear generates sounds which are audible to few people.
A fish called the Midshipman fish also produces the noise it is the mating call of male Midshipman fish.

The cognitive behavioral therapy has shown to improve condition of the people who are able to hear that sound.

A sound was heard and recorded in Hampshire, UK however the source of this sound was not identified.

This phenomenon has been mentioned in shows like Unsolved Mysteries and in top 10 unexplained phenomena on the website LiveScience.

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