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The 2011 Japan Tsunami Creature

japan tsunami creature
The 2011 Japan Tsunami Creature

Japan Tsunami Creature was caught on camera in 2011 Japan Tsunami. The 2011 Japan tsunami was one of the most devastating tsunami in Japan. It caused thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of property losses. Apart from being devastating some strange things were also observed in 2011 tsunamis.

The following video is one of the few videos with no proper explanation. Firstly, a ghostly white figure is seen coming out of the water. Later Japan Tsunami Creature is seen many times again many times in the video.

The video is thought to be genuine and it is not a computer generated video. Many people were not able to explain what this creature was.

Some Japanese people believe that Japan Tsunami Creature may have been a new species of animal living at the bottom of ocean and may have been brought to land by powerful Tsunami. While some people believe it is an octopus or any similar creature that is able to camouflage itself in the environment while some believe it’s a ghost.

There has been little possible explanation for this video. For example, it is thought to be bursting of some gas cylinder due to release of gas in direction of water it may have caused to appear like a creature from the sea. However, it doesn’t explain how the creature disappeared and appeared again and again until it finally disappeared.

What it was is still disputed. Apart from this creature many other strange creatures were also washed up on land. However, the creatures which washed up on land were later explained, but not the creature in this video.

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