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Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain but also one of the deadliest.

dead bodies on mount everest
Mount Everest is a world famous spot for mountain climber however there are many Dead bodies on Mount Everest

Mount Everest located in Nepal is the world’s tallest mountain. It is located in Solukhumbhu district, Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal part of the Himalaya the mountain has the height of 8848m (29029ft) tall.

Mount Everest is the dream of mountain climbing enthusiasts. Many mountain climbers come to climb this mountain. There are various shops and agencies which provide various equipment for climbing. Various equipment like oxygen cylinders, shoes and other important life saving equipment are required for climbing Everest. There are two routes to climb the mountain one is from Nepal and one is from Tibet. There are total 7 summits.

Himalayan spider image source – pre-tend

Various species of plants and animals are present on Mount Everest. Moss is present in lower parts of the mountain. Also a species of spider called the Himalayan Jumping spider lives on Mount Everest up to altitude of 6700 meters. Mammals like Himalayan Black bear, Snow Leopard and Himalayan Tahr also present near Mount Everest.

The climate is relatively harsh. High speed Cold Winds, Avalanches, Frostbite, Blizzard and the freezing temperature of -17. The atmospheric pressure is 1/3rd of the sea level which causes difficulty in breathing and can be fatal hence carrying a oxygen cylinder is recommended. High speed winds can also blow off climbers.

Dead bodies on Everest – image source -mpora

It is also one of the deadliest mountains. There have been many deaths on this mountain. The number of people who have died climbing Mount Everest is over 250. The cause of death can be because of combination of harsh environment, lack of oxygen, avalanches and blizzards. The lack of oxygen causes weakness, unconsciousness and may result in death. The other causes can be because of cold and fall.

image source – express

In the recent years there have been decreasing in ice covering over the mountain because of global warming. Also a large amount of waste left on the mountain by the mountain climbers. There are also many dead bodies on Mount Everest. Some of the dead bodies on Mount Everest act like trail markers. The dead bodies on Mount Everest are hard to recover because of the environment. However recently there have been some efforts to remove waste products from the mountain.

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