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Man made Waterfall in China

Man made waterfall
Man made Waterfall in China

China has achieved a new milestone by making a 1300 ft wide waterfall. The Government made the waterfall to have adequate amount of water supply during drought. This waterfall is the largest man made waterfall in Asia.

The government constructed the waterfall in the City of Kunming in Yunnan district of China. The total time period to construct this structure was three years.

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The waterfall diverts the water from the Niulan River to Dianchi Lake. Government took this step for building an artificial waterfall was taken to solve the problem of clean water shortage.

Water pollution is a major problem in China as rapid development of the country’s urban areas and industries the discharge from factories and sewage from cities had adversely affected the water quality in China.

The increasing demand for water lead to deeper digging which caused arsenic to be mixed with the water and long term exposure to such contaminated water is harmful for health.

In one incident waste from a factory caused death of tons of fishes in Fuhe River.

People who drink the polluted water suffer from various diseases. Many People in China boil and filter the water which they get. Some people buy packaged water for drinking.

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The new man made waterfall is a public attraction in Kunming as many people are coming to see the man made waterfall.

The waterfall carries the water to a huge lake. China is also trying to build some more similar projects to solve its clean water problem. The government is now also taking some initiatives to prevent water pollution.

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