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A Man in Japan Creates A Real Life Nausicaa Glider

Nausicaa Glider
Man Create A Real Life Nausicaa Glider

Hayao Mayazaki wrote and directed the movie Nausicaa of the valley of the wind in 1984. Mayazaki is a legendary Japanese writer. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind performed well at box office. Movie Critics also gave positive ratings to the movie.

It is also considered as one of the best anime movie of all time.

image source – nausicaa-wikia

In this movie the main character Nausicaa is seen flying many times on her glider. In the movie the glider is called “Möwe” which means gull in German.

A man named Kazuhiko Hachiya who is an artist created a real life Nausicaa Glider model based on the glider in the movie. His team consists of engineers, artists and students.

His project OpenSky Aircraft Project began in 2004 and the first Nausicaa Glider took off its first flight in 2006. The first glider flew 98 meters and at the height of 4 meters with the help of an elastic cable.

Watch this video of the glider’s flight

There are 4 variants to these glider models
1. Möwe 1/2
2. M-01
3. M-02
4. M-02J
The first model is a remote controlled glider. But the models M-01 and M-02 are powerless model. The M-02J has a jet engine installed in it. The first jet model took its first flight in 2013. The final model has a jet engine installed.

image source – tamago

However the main has no intention of mass producing these gliders as some of these gliders may lead to accidents. He also refused the promotion of his glider from the movie director Hayao Mayazaki and the Studio Ghibli as he don’t want to get them in trouble if anything wents wrong.

This glider is a good example that some people can actually bring fiction to reality when inspired.

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