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Liew Thow Lin The Magnet Man

Liew Thow Lin
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Liew Thow Lin The Magnet Man

Liew Thow Lin is a Malaysian man who is also known as the Magnet man or Mr. Magnet. He has an unusual ability to stick metal objects on his body.

He has shown to attach metal objects to his body. Liew has also stick metal objects of 36 kg to his body. Also he was able to pull one car using his unique ability.

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Despite having such unusual abilities, he looks like a normal guy. However, when scientist studied his body, they were not able to find any magnetic properties in his body. But scientist discovered an unusual thing about his skin, which has a high amount of friction.

Due to this friction he is able to stick metal objects on his body. The high friction skin produces a suction effect which prevents the object from falling off his body.

source -stillunfold
source -stillunfold

This unusual ability of Liew is hereditary as three of his grandchildren also has the ability to attach metal objects to body.

Apart from Liew some other people have also shown such ability to stick various objects to their body not just metal items.

Various study shows that such people don’t have any magnetic powers but instead have a sticky skin.

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