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Lake Hillier the Pink Lake in Australia

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Lake Hillier the Pink Lake in Australia

Lake Hillier is an unusual Pink lake located on Middle Island in Goldfields-Esperance region off the south coast in Western Australia. Matthew Flinders’ expedition first discovered the lake in 1802. The lake got its name from William Hillier who was a member of the Flinders’ expedition. He died due to dysentery in 1803 on Middle Island before the expedition crew could leave the island.

Lake Hillier on Middle Island image source- whenonearth

The lake is located at the edge of Middle Island. The island is largest of the Recherche Archipelago. The Lake is also known for its unusual pink appearance. The lake looks bubblegum colored from the sky and from the island’s beach it looks clear pinkish colored.

Lake is 250 m wide and 600 m long in length. Small area of land separates the lake from the ocean. Trees of eucalyptus and paperbark cover the area near the lake.

pink water of Lake Hillier image source- thebackpackers

The Lake doesn’t have a pink bottom. But the color of the water is pink.  The color of the water from Lake Hillier doesn’t changes its color even in container.

The unusual color of the pink lake is because of the presence of a micro organism called Dunaliella Salina which changes the salts in the lake to red colored dye. The analysis of the water showed the presence of Dunaliella Salina along with few other micro organisms.

Even though the lake appears unusual and its water is pink. The water isn’t considered harmful to human for swimming.

Many people want to visit this lake but there are only few two ways to reach the lake that are by cruises and helicopters. The lake looks best above from a helicopter. The government has given the lake a protected status.

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