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1994 Zimbabwe School Alien Sighting !

Zimbabwe school alien sighting
Zimbabwe school alien sighting 
Zimbabwe school alien sighting was observed on Sep 1994 in a school called the Ariel school which is located in Ruwa, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe something strange was observed. The students of the school saw an UFO landing near to the school yard.

The incident was reported by 62 children who saw the UFO landing near to the school’s ground.

The incident is explained by the children they saw an UFO in the sky and later it landed near to school’s ground and an alien which was about 1 meter tall came out of the UFO the alien had large eyes and long hairs the alien later vanished some children also claimed that the alien tried to communicate something with them however the children were too scared to do anything and ran towards the shop owner nearby.

The children tried to explain the incident to the shop owner. However the owner didn’t believed the children and wasn’t ready to leave the shop.
Later children explained the incident to the teachers. After listening to the children teachers the children were asked to draw whatever they saw most of the drawings which the children draw were quite similar. Some children were also interviewed and whatever they explained was quite similar.

Later people tried to find something on the place where the children said they saw the UFO to land however nothing was found. But it cannot be concluded that the children are lying. Because most of the drawings which the children draw were similar.

Some other local people believe it may have been an African legend called the Tokoloshis. Which is a demon and eats children.

It is still not known what the UFO or the alien was in Zimbabwe school alien sighting !

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