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Haunted Places- The Amityville house

The Amityville house
The Amityville house

The Amityville house is a big Dutuch styled house located in Amityville, Long Island, New York. This place is a well known place for its paranormal activities experienced by Lutz family.

It is widely disputed whether the house is haunted or not however the house itself has a dark history. In November 1974 Ronald Defeo shot to death his family members he was instantly found guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment. However the most shocking thing about this incident was none of the neighbors heard the sound of gun shots as the gun which Defeo used was loud enough to wake up all members of the family. But after postmortem it was revealed that only two members of family were awake during shooting but the sound should have wake up almost everyone in the house.

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Almost after a year later in 1975 the Lutz family moved to this house. Kathy Lutz had three children Daniel, Christopher and Melissa (Aged 9, 7 and 5 in 1975). The couple knew the history of the house. They wanted to perform a Christian blessing to prevent any evil spirit from haunting their house.

They asked a priest to carry out the blessings. While performing the rites he heard a strong voice “Get out”. The Priest was scared and didn’t say anything to the couple at that time but he later called and told the couple about the incident.

Later various paranormal activities were experienced by the family the incidents are mentioned below.

George Lutz used to get nightmares about the killings which occurred in the same house a year ago. He also used to get up automatically at 3:15 am he was later shocked to know it was almost the same time at which the killing took place. The five year old Melissa found a new imaginary friend called Jodie which was a pig like beast with red eyes. The imaginary friend of this little girl scared her parents too one day George saw the creature standing behind Melissa in her room but when he went up nothing was there. The other day her mother saw a creepy red eyes staring at her from Melissa’s room window. Later Melissa said that was the same window from which her imaginary friend left the room.

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couples observed some creepy incidents like being pulled, touched by someone and other demonic sightings . Lutz family also observed window’s opening and closing. The family left the house after a month.

However many people believe that the Paranormal activities in the house are made up stories. Many critics declared the incidents as hoax. However the couple took a polygraph test and the polygraph expert concluded that the couple is not lying.

The next family which moved in this house didn’t notice any abnormal activities in house.

The incidents experienced by the Lutz have been topic for many books, TV episodes and movies.

What do you think the experiences shared by Lutz family are real or fake? Comment below!

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