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Fennec Fox the world’s smallest fox

Fennec Fox
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Fennec Fox the world’s smallest fox

Fennec fox is the smallest species of fox which lives in Saharan Africa. The fox lives in large area ranging from Northern Africa to Sinai peninsula. This fox is widely distributed in these areas. It is a least concern species.

Fennec fox cute
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The Fennec fox is 9-16 inches long and 8 inch tall and weighs around 1.59 kg. it can live up to 14 years. The Fennec Fox has some unusual characteristics like a fur, which cuts the heat during the hot day in the desert environment in which it lives. Its fur also keeps the fox warm at night. The fox has unusual feet also protect it from hot sand.

Fennec fox baby
Fennec fox pup
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The Fennec fox is an omnivore it feeds on plants, rodents, insects and small animals. It can jump up to two feet. As the fox has a small size it can easily be prey for larger birds like eagle owl and larger carnivore animals.

However Fennec fox is used as exotic pet. As the fox is small in size and easy to handle it can be kept as pet. It can be kept as per quite similar to a cat and dog.

Fennec fox in wild
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However only the tamed foxes are preferred which are raised in captive setting as afterwards they can adjust to the domestic environment easily.

Most of the foxes live far away human settlements. As they are small in size they cannot harm larger farm animals compared to other larger carnivore. However they are caught to sell off as pets and some people hunt them for their fur.

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