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Edward Mordake the man with two faces

man with two faces
Edward Mordake was a man who had two faces.

Edward Mordake was heir to English purage in the 19th Century. He had one extra face at the back of his head. Edward is known to be the man with two faces.

The second face couldn’t eat or speak but the face could whisper and smile. From known history the second face behind his head was evil. The second face smiled when he cried and would whisper evil things to keep him awake at night.

He was mentioned in 1896 medical encyclopedia.Edward’s condition didn’t not match any known condition. However it may have been a case of parasitic twin.  The twin may have undeveloped body.

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Edward wanted to surgically remove his second head which he described as an evil face however no doctor attempted the surgery. Finally tired of his evil face he committed suicide at the age of 23. He also left a letter saying his second face should be destroyed be being buried so his evil face won’t whisper in his grave.

However before his story was published in medical encyclopedia in 1896 he was earlier described by a fiction writer Charles Lotin Hidretn in Boston Post article in 1895. As Edward was mentioned in medical encyclopedia by a fiction writer therefore it is not confirmed whether Edward existed or not. But there is a chance that Edward might have existed. The only confirmed case of man with two faces was a Chinese man Chang Tzu Ping who had two faces.

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