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Desert Rain Frog – The World’s Cutest Frog

Desert rain Frog
Desert Rain Frog – The World’s Cutest Frog

Desert Rain Frog is a species of Frog endemic to a small area of sandy shores of Namibia and South Africa. The scientific name of this frog is Breviceps Macrops.
Desert rain Frog is endemic to a small coastal area in Namibia and South Africa.

Desert rain Frog
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The Desert Rain Frog is a small species of Frog which has a plump body, big eyes and webbed toes. The frog also has a transparent ventral side. The internal organs of this frog are visible from the transparent side.

The desert rain frog is nocturnal in nature and has yellowish brown color but most of the time its body is covered with sand. The frog spends most of the time below the sand and can borrow up to a depth of 10 to 20 centimeters in the sand. To avoid the heat, the frog spends most of the time during the day in the moist sand. At night the frog feeds on various insects.

Desert rain frog war cry

The unique thing about this frog is that it does not have an aqueous tadpole stage as it directly lays eggs in its burrow. This frog is now considered as a vulnerable species. Its habitat is about 2000 sq.km. and It is under threat from human activities.

Human activities like diamond mining has affected the frog’s habitat. The population of this frog is decreasing as a result of human settlement.

Photographer Dean Boshoff posted a video of this frog on YouTube with the title World’s Cutest Frog. This video has over 14 million+ views. The viewers on the YouTube video called the frog as squeaky toy. Because of its plump body and high pitched noise which it makes.

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