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Creepy Unsolved Disappearance of Tara Calico

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Unsolved Disappearance of Tara Calico

Tara Calico is a girl who is missing since 1988. Tara Calico was born in 1969 in Bolen, New Mexico. On September 20 1988 in morning she left her house for bike riding. She also told her mother that she was going to play tennis with her bf. She also told her mother to get her back if she didn’t return home by afternoon.

However she didn’t returned home by afternoon when her mother went to search her she was nowhere to be found. Her mother checked the regular places where she could be found however she was not able to find her. Many people in nearby are saw her riding the bike and also said a suspicious vehicle was following her. However the vehicle was never found or traced.

Nothing about Tara Calico was traced by the police till June 1989. In 1989 a woman found a photo of a young girl and a boy in Port St Joe, Florida. Tara’s mother quickly identified Tara. Tara’s mother saw the scar on the girl’s leg was similar to Tara’s scar which got from an accident. Also her favorite book V.C Andrew’s my sweet Audrina was also visible in the photo.

Calico5_metro Tara Calico, missing from New Mexico. The boy was originally suspected to be a boy also missing from New Mexico. 1989 AP FILE PHOTO (PMCX1-JULY 30)--FOUND PHOTO The mother of a New Mexico woman who disappeared during a bike ride nearly a year ago said the girl in this picture appears to be her daughter. And another man, said the boy in the picture resembles his missing son. The picture, which was found in Port St. Joe, Florida, was broadcast on the television show "A Current Affair" Friday.
image source – Wikipedia

The picture was found in a parking lot from a Van and the woman who saw the picture also reported to police that the van’s driver was a middle aged man with mustache. However the man was never found.
Later two more pictures were also found but they are not made public yet. Many sightings have been reported following years. The sightings continued till 1994. Some people also claimed that she has been working as a prostitute and may have been forced into this business by her kidnappers.

Later a police officer made a statement that he knew that who was responsible for her disappearance but he couldn’t arrest them without proof. However his statements were dismissed by her family stating the officer should not comment if he could no arrest the accused.

Her story has been featured on many US crime shows. However the case is still unsolved. Recently a special force have been set up to solve this unsolved disappearance case.

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